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Aweber’s Leaky Email Strategy

Aweber is the best email provider in the industry, and they still teach a leaky email strategy. They miss the boat on broadcast emails.

In chapter 3 of What To Write In Your Emails, they actually advise business owners to “consider broadcast emails your business megaphone.” When’s the last time you wanted to use a megaphone while having a conversation with a prospect or customer? (And I don’t mean for bonking them on the head.)

They go on to say “An AR series contains evergreen content that you send to people at any time of the year, but broadcasts are for time-sensitive information that you want to get out the door today.”

I’ve taken this up with Aweber via email to let them know their mistake. Broadcast emails are excellent for delivering evergreen content, but no one should use a megaphone during a conversation. They agreed with my approach, and are working to incorporate some of the functionality I suggested.

Here’s the way email works best:
An AR series is time based – messages are delivered based on how long you’ve been on a list.

A BC (broadcast) series is calendar based – messages are delivered based on the day of the year.

Two people join your list. One today and one six months ago. They’re both getting different AR messages, but they’re both getting the same broadcast message.

Broadcast Seasonal and Timely Content

Did you know most businesses have a seasonal component? Even hairstyling has different information to provide based on the effect weather has on your hair. Broadcast emails are ideal for delivering this evergreen content.

Lay out your broadcast emails using an editorial calendar (just like your blog). In fact, your best bet is to have your broadcast emails support your blog’s editorial calendar: You’re doing a blog post about Halloween and the effects of hair dye? Then have broadcast emails that send readers to that content.

When they read the content and take action, they then get an AR series designed to encourage them toward the next action.

Repeat Your Broadcasts Yearly

My email conversation with Aweber started with wanting to be able to repeat broadcast messages year to year. That functionality doesn’t quite exist in Aweber yet. As it stands, instead of being able to repeat a broadcast message on the same date each year, you have to copy the message and assign the new date.

One of the results of our email conversation is that Aweber is looking at making broadcast messages repeatable.

For myself and clients, I like to use a two year cycle with broadcast messages. People sometimes recognize an email when it comes each year. That happens a lot less when it takes two years to see the same message.

You create evergreen content for your site, right? So it makes sense to keep sending people to that content when it’s relevant.

Broadcast Messages for Content & Autoresonder Messages for Selling

Every email expert talks about mixing content with sales messages. The common advice is to have three content emails for every selling email. Then they ignore the best tool we have for getting the job done. They ignore broadcast messages.

Every piece of content has at least two links. One to more content, and one to a sales page. This is a way of layering your marketing so readers always have an opportunity to take action, but they don’t feel pressured. Use broadcast messages to deliver the content everyone says you’re supposed to include in your email marketing.

Remember, your readers are receiving broadcast and autoresponder messages at the same time. So instead of trying to squeeze content emails into your AR series, you let that work be done by your broadcast series. This is what we teach at www.1ClickEmailMarketing.com.

Conrad Hall is an international bestselling author of 8 books, and a direct response copywriter. He specializes in working with local and online business owners who recognize the value of relationship marketing. Discover more about his approach to combining social media, email and direct mail at here:


1-Click Email Marketing Review

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