Caster Buddy Review

Caster Buddy Review – What is it ?

In 2014, Webcaster WP was launched. A WordPress Spokesperson plugin by Craig Crawford and Todd Gross. Selling amazingly well, and helping to evolve peoples businesses all over the world!

This time, we’ve ramped it up! NOW!! It’s a SaaS, It’s efficient, it’s effective.. It’s all you could dream of and MORE!

To become your own video spokes person… You just record your video on a plain background (DO NOT BLEND IN WITH THE BACKGROUND)
& Casterbuddy processes the video and throws out a clear video with NO background… That’s right!!! Our system has a background removal feature that removes the background of your video… allowing you to be super imposed onto your website…

Caster Buddy Review – Key Features

Here is the features’ list:
– Allows the removal of the background (make it transparent) of a video shot, providing 2 plans: 90 sec or 180 sec
– The player offers 4 options for the background of the video: totally transparent, dimmed (semi-transparent gray), glass effect or a user defined web page in iframe
– User can make the video clickable to direct the visitor to another page
– User can overlay a text message of 2 lines, fully configurable (font, size, color etc)
– User can overlay a “click-to-call” link -for mobile devices only
– User can overlay a button for a CTA, with text and background fully configurable (font, size, color etc)
– User can overlay an optin form, fully configurable (font, size, color etc)
– All of the above overlays have user configurable start time and duration of appearance
– The button and the form, in addition to the style configuration, allow to enter custom code (copy – paste from various services like mail responders)
– User can set a delay for the video to pop-up
– User can select if the video will disappear on end or require the visitor to take action
– The video can chain-load other video from external source (youtube etc)
– The placement of the video on the screen is user selectable and can be any of the 4 corners or the center. In addition an offset can place it precisely
– A cookie stores the life of the video and allows the user to set its expiration

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