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Hi there, welcome to my website. In this ConnectAudience Review, I want to introduct with you a amazing product, it called ConnectAudience. What is it? How it work ? why should you buy it ? let read my review below to see more.
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ConnectAudience Review – Overview

Creator Of The Product

ConnectAudience Review

ConnectAudience Review – What is it ?

ConnectAudience is a very powerful platform that allows you to run email retargeting campaigns on Facebook.  Facebook’s targeting capabilities are the  biggest strength of connectaudience. It integrate your Facebook ads with your existing contact list. It let you target your ads to a group of people who you have engaged , purchased, or  you know are interested in your products or service.

ConnectAudience Review

ConnectAudience Review

ConnectAudience Review – HOW IT WORKS

I am going to assume your business already has an existing emails subscribers. I am also going to assume you are  already engaging in email marketing.

You provide Facebook with your list of emails stored in your email service. As most Facebook users have a registered email address within the facebook platform, Facebook will then match the details you’ve provided to their user.

Facebook will compiled and those users are targeted specifically for your ads.


ConnectAudience gives you the option of targeting by your existing email subscribers

. Importing your email lists:

ConnectAudience allow you to import your email list from your existing email subscribers list.

ConnectAudience  work with Facebook to automatically track down and target those Facebook users who correspond to the email addresses you’ve provided.

 Importing from your Email Service:

If your business use popular email services like MailChimp  for your contact management? You can integrate them with ConnectAudience:

  • In the Contact Database tab of your ConnectAudience account you can connect your account with your external email service with a single click.
  • You can import contacts from any list or group into ConnectAudience platform.
  • From within your ConnectAudience Contact Database dashboard you can then select exactly which contacts to target with your Facebook Ad

Your ads manager will also allow you to save this imported contact list within its own CRM. This means you can come back and target to that list again and again with different ads, contests, and emails.


You’ve been designing Facebook ads to be massively appealing. They’re colorful, have great Calls-to-Action and great images. Don’t stop now.

The only difference with targeting to an existing contact list is that you’re sure your audience is familiar with your brand (as they’ve engaged with you at least once before).

Also if you are a small business, this means that your Facebook audience is aware of your logo, and including it in your advertisement , will increase your brand’s recognition. Your audience will say, oh yes, I remember engaging with that brand last month, and be encouraged to engage again.

Targeting your Facebook Ad to existing contacts allows you the most specific focus available.

No longer are you targeting by age group, gender or specific interest and hoping you’re right. Now you’re targeting to people who are interested in your product/services and people who have already engaged with your brand and encouraging them to do so again.

When you run consistent messaging to the same audience via both email and Facebook ads, they make each other more effective. The email campaign by itself may have done fine. The Facebook campaign by itself may have done fine. Combine the two, and not only do you combine the results, but the familiarity from the email (on which a user didn’t act) could make action on an ad more likely (and vice versa).

 (Kudos to Wilo de kreij, who is the brain behind ):

  • Sam Bakker made $25,000 within the space of a week using the connect audience platform”
  • Other users testify of getting three times as many engagements/post as standard ads and received two times as many viral engagements such as Face book likes, Shares and comments.
  • Targeting based on an existing email list allows you to make offers exclusive – thereby increasing your likely engagement rates.
  • You can target recently-active customers, lapsed customers, customers who have recently wrapped up a contest or who have recently purchased a particular product.

Case Studies

Case Study #1: $6.43 In, $1485 Out

Here’s what I did:

  • I chose a big ticket ($997) affiliate product, then sent a promo to a segment of my list.
  • Then I set up a FB retargeting ad that would show ads to anyone that opened that email. I set to for people to view the same offer via FB ads over the course of a week.

How did the test go?

Case Study #2: $84 in, $1782 Out

Here’s what I did:
Recently we did the ultimate test to confirm the effectiveness of running Facebook Ads in parallel to an email promotion.

While promoting UpViral to a segment of our email list, we randomly split them into two equal groups.

Group A: Control group who received only emails.
Group B: Test group who received emails + got exposed to Facebook Ads.

When someone from group B opened any of the emails, they were automatically added to a custom audience.

By adding separate tracking links into the emails we were able to measure the exact differences between both groups.

How did the test go?

In total, we spent $84 on Facebook Ads.

Here’s a screenshot straight from our Google Analytics account:

In the video below you’ll see a full breakdown of this case study, including the exact ads we used:

ConnectAudience Review – Price 

ConnectAudience Review

ConnectAudience Review – Testimonials

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 ConnectAudience Review ConnectAudience Review

ConnectAudience Review – Conclusion

Hopefully you know enough about list-targeting your Facebook Ads using ConnectAudience . If you have any questions about integrating lead generation with a Facebook advertisement I recommend you check out ConnectAudience get in touch with  the experts.

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ConnectAudience Review


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