Convertri Review – The Longest Feature List You’ve Ever Seen

convertri review

Convertri Review

Hey, my Friend !

You’ve probably got by now that this is a big platform.

A funnel builder. A fully-flexible page builder. Mobile page creation. Top-tier hosting. Split-testing.

And it’s got a feature list to match.

Here’s a just a few of the components (you might want to grab a coffee, this is a BIG list)…

Drag-and-drop funnel creation: Pick up your pages and move them around your funnel with simple click-n-drag

Free-form funnel designer: have multiple upsells from the same product, multiple products going tot he same downsell… the possibilities are huge

‘Anything, anywhere’ page builder: 100% free-form. You’ve never seen anything with this much flexibility

Grid-guide overlay: Want help positioning up your elements? this grid guide makes it simple.

Countdown timer: Don’t pay for another service. Multiple skins and time-out options give you a powerful built-in solution

Background video: You know how good these look, and how good they are for conversion. You can create them in a couple of clicks.
Nope, we’re not done. Not by a long way:

Easy image upload: Add your own images just by dropping them into Convertri’s tray – and you get as much storage as you like 🙂

Huge font selection: Google-font integration gives you a huge selection of browser-friendly fonts to choose from

Video autoplay: Grab immediate attention by having your video fire as soon as your page opens

Pop-up creator: Fully integrated using Convertri’s ‘layer’ system. You can add them to any page (on mobile too!)

2-step opt-in: Proven to increase conversions by 700%. Just sayin’ 🙂

Full trigger set: Set your popups to fire on a click, or when your viewer reaches any given point on your page

Shopify integration: add a buy button for any of your Shopify products to your Convertri page

Facebook comments: collect social proof (and moderate it!)

Custom HTML: Got third-party code you want on the page? Use this to embed it.
Not done yet either. We’ve not even got on to mobile yet…

Automatic mobile conversion: Convertri’s automatic conversion algorithm mobilizes your page, leaving you only needing to make the odd adjustment.

Mobile toggle: Set certain elements to only show up on mobile or only show up on desktop, so you can create the perfect page for any platform

Sticky headers: Keep your buy button and timer always in view

Universal integration system: You can link up ANY autoresponder you like. If it’s got a form, it works with Convertri

Instant publishing: Your pages are live before your finger’s raised from the mosue.

Custom domains: Publish your Convertri pages to any of your own domains

WordPress plugin: …and to your WordPress sites, too 🙂

Guaranteed 95/100 Page Insights score: Though more often, it’s even higher.

Full funnel templates: and a whole suite of individual pages too

Integrated split-testing: if you’re not testing, you’re not marketing. But Convertri makes it easy.

So… whew.

Big list. And that’s not even all of it.

This is a premium platform. One you’re going to be using for all your funnels in the near future.

And to get all this, for a one-time price… that’s immense.

But you’re losing that chance tomorrow.

So check it out now, while you still can:


convertri review

Convertri Review – Overview product

jvzoowsohonest reviewVendor: Andy Fletcher et al
jvzoowsohonest reviewProduct: Convertri
jvzoowsohonest reviewLaunch Date: 2016-07-26
jvzoowsohonest reviewLaunch Time: 11:00 EDT
jvzoowsohonest reviewFront-End Price: $297



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