Demio Review

Demio Review – What is it ?

What is Demio? It’s the world’s first smart webinar platform. Check it out here:

This platform was actually built for marketers, and it has some amazing features that no other webinar platforms have.

Every feature inside of Demio was built to help make webinars more effective.

For example: Imagine being able to add a tag in your CRM/autoresponder based on how someone interacts with your webinar. Imagine being able to display your offer right on the webinar. Imagine being able to embed your registration on any website. This is all possible with Demio… + there are over 30 more features just like this.

It was NOT built on Google Hangouts, and the streaming is incredibly high quality with absolutely no delay.

This allows you to actually communicate with your audience and get realtime feedback.

The best part: The Demio team is offering a 572% launch discount…. so you can literally save thousands of dollars per year by switching to Demio.

Demio Review and bonus

Demio Review – 26 Reasons to Buy Demio

Look, the grand opening for the first smart webinar platform, Demio is going to end soon, and I don’t want you to miss out on this insane deal.

…So I put together a list of reasons why you should pick up Demio right now:

1. Create a webinar without a handbook
2. Custom branded registration pages
3. Create a recurring webinar series
4. Let your registrants choose a date/time
5. Use your webcam and share your screen
6. Automation rules for advanced CRM segmentations
7. Polls with reporting
8. Play inline videos during a webinar
9. Live, real-time chat with your audience
10. Automatic webinar recordings
11. Automatic reminder emails
12. Custom Thank You Page
13. Invite up to 15 Coordinators
14. Feature individual chat messages
15. Add tracking pixels to registration page or webinar room
16. Automatic replay page
17. Zapier integration
18. Sub-users with limited permissions
19. Individual Contact Reporting
20. Minute-By-Minute Webinar analytics
21. Reply to your attendees after the webinar
22. Understand WHO did WHAT on your webinar
23. Integrate with your CRM
24. Display offers and CTA’s
25. Share handouts with the audience
26. You can save up to 572% during the grand opening

Need another reason? The Demio team is just getting started— there will be many more features added in over the coming months. However, if you wait, you’ll be paying up to 572% more. So do not wait!

Demio Review – Conclusion

What exactly is a smart webinar platform?

It’s a webinar platform that’s intuitive and easy to use. It’s a platform that can track how your attendees interact with your webinar. Ultimately, it’s a platform that can help you get better results and make more money.

It’s a platform that has been in development for 2+ years, and it’s finally ready to be revealed to the world.

And you’re invited to the grand opening webinar on Demio, so you can see a smart webinar platform in action.
You’ll be able to see all of the features in action that make this platform the first of it’s kind.

On top of that, the Demio team is going to break down their 17-step webinar campaign process that has been responsible for multiple 6-figure webinar campaigns.

You can take this 17-step process and duplicate it in any niche to have a profitable webinar.

Finally: everyone who attends this grand opening webinar is going to receive the “perfect webinar template” as a free bonus.

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