Easy Webinar 5.0 Review

Easy Webinar 5.0 Review  – Introducing

I have a special treat for you. My guess is that you’re an expert in your field and today, I wanted to share with you a little insight into my business that’s going to relate to you.

You see, there’s something that I’ve been interested in for years.

If you’ve known me for any particular time, chances are you’ve seen me use exactly what I’m going to share with you.

This one thing has helped me stay connected to you. Do you know what it is?

This one thing is used by top experts in their fields as the most effective selling and engagement tool in their arsenal of business tools.

This one thing can be bridge the gap of impersonality on the web to bring in a flood of engaged and excited prospect and turn them into buyers.

This one thing can:

Be used to create an automatic and profitable sales funnel that works for you while you sleep.
Bring in the highest earning per individual lead source around.
Can be used as a platform for selling and running training programs.
Bring freedom and flexibility to teach to anyone in the world at any time.
Position you as the expert in your niche and field.
Create a know, like and trust with your audience in the fastest most concentrated way possible.

Ok did you figure it out? One word. Webinars.

I’ve used them, you’ve been on them, and they plain work for lead generation, sales and customer nurturing and even coaching fulfillment.
But…what’s interesting is that fewer people actually do them due to these reasons:

1. Fear of getting in front of the camera.
2. Fear of tech
3. Fear of saying the wrong things.
4. Fear of not making sales
5. Assuming they don’t work in your business.

But if you’ll notice, the common word in all 5 mentioned above is…

Is fear really the thing that should be dictating our growth? Brendon Burchard says “Challenge is the pathway to engagement and progress in our lives.”

And of course Albert Einstein said “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

So if you’ve ever had any of those fears above… it’s ok, I totally get it…and have been there before.
But I wanted to share with you something that will alleviate those fears.

Casey Zeman, founder of EasyWebinar has brought together 13+ experts (in different industries) who use webinars (and EasyWebinar) to generate more revenue, leverage their time and create freedom to work from anywhere.
These are folks just like you who’ve had success running webinars/online events.

Experts like:
John Lee Dumas
Ryan Lee
Marcia Ramsland
Greg Hickman
Jon Schumacher
Diane Wilkins
Devin Duncan
Amy Porterfield
and more…

Their top webinar tips have been distilled down into an easy to digest ‘Webinar Expert Playbook’ that you get 100% free.

In fact when you sign up, you get:

The Webinar Expert Playbook PDF
Video Interviews From These Experts
And Access to the Webinar Mini Course
(A 4 video training that’s valued at $997 itself)
All for free.

Get Your Free Webinar Playbook Now

Casey Zeman founded EasyWebinar a few years ago after looking for a better way to create and run webinars.
In fact, Casey says that when he started out, he was TERRIBLE at webinars.

He’d forget what he was saying,or ramble on, or have tech issues constantly. However, with all of those problems, in his first year of using webinars to sell his products online, he generated an email list of 14k and sold 245k in 12 months.

When you pick up the Webinar Expert Playbook you get access to his Webinar Mini Course which shares insight into how as a beginner or someone terrible at webinars, you can still succeed.

If you’re ready to learn more.

Get access to this Playbook PDF & VIDEOS absolutely free.
The PDF alone is worth getting a good cup of coffee to sit down and absorb everything that’s in it.
And if you think the PDF is awesome, just wait until you start watching the full-length videos.


Easy Webinar 5 Review  –  Lots of love and SUCCESS from existing easywebinar users!

John Lee Dumas (Top Business Podcaster who makes 200k + a month from his webinars) made 16k+ in one week in Dec 2014 after having only had his Auto webinar set up for 2 weeks using easywebinar 4.0

Rick Mulready (Facebook ad specialist and blogger who only started his online business in April of 2014 uses automated webinars from automated Facebook traffic. Since the start of EasyWebinar only 1 month ago, his Automated Webinar is bringing him an 166% ROI.

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