ECom Turbo Review – A conversion optimized Shopify store at the click of a button

ECom Turbo Review – A conversion optimized Shopify store at the click of a button

ECom Turbo Review – You are here to learn more information about product ECom Turbo. Here’s a my short review about this product which you should read before selecting it.

ECom Turbo Review – Overview

  • Vendor: Franklins
  • Product: ECom Turbo
  • Front-End Price: $97
  • Bonuses: YES, bonus from my site and a cash rebate of 10% for each product (front-end and upsells) you’ll buy using my affiliate link.
  • Refund : YES, 14 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee
  • Niche: Software
  • Support: Effective Response

Okay, You see, when it comes to ecommerce, there’s a bunch of important things you want to keep in mind…

First start with a good product. Find the right audience for it. And… wait?

The problem?

It never seems to take off.

You get a few sales here and there, or you even buy traffic and it doesn’t really convert well.

It’s not enough to just throw up some good products on a default Shopify theme you also need to make yourself unique and add conversion boosters to your store.

What are conversion boosters?

They are the latest, most up-to-date practices (most often in expensive apps) that consistently boost profits.

Here’s a couple examples of conversion boosters you might have seen before…

– Upsell Popups
Seems simple, but many stores still aren’t using this proven method to increase sales. Offer a small discount code to customers who are about to leave, and get many of them back – boosting your overall profits.

– Scarcity Timer
This one is seen around the web for one reason only – it works. When there’s an unlimited time you have to get something, you’ll procrastinate. When there’s a limit – suddenly you need it now.

– Upsell Similar or Related Products
Offer your customers related products when they’re about to order, and not only will your customers be happier – you will increase your bottom line!

– A Unique/Different Theme
This one is easy to miss, but the reality is if your store looks like 500 other stores look (using one of those free/basic Shopify templates); customers don’t like it. It doesn’t make you look professional, it doesn’t make you stand out.

The good news is i recently stumbled on a theme that does all this and way more. You can add a dozen or so different conversion boosters…

Alongside a fully customizable theme (you can fully customize anything from call to action buttons to trust badges, product pages, simplify your footer, and way way more!).

This means you get all you need to finally get your ecommerce business to take off or turbo boost it if it’s already selling well!

You get a completely unique theme that your customers love, and one that leads them down your funnel…

And dozens of conversion boosting elements to get more money out of each visitor, and give them more value.

What is it ?
It’s called EcomTurbo, and you can check it out here. Basically, it’s the best theme out there if you want full control over your shopify stores WITHOUT having to do any head numbing coding.

It includes all the latest and greatest ecommerce conversion boosting elements

Special customizable pop ups for capturing potential customerse mails before they leave forever.

Fully customizable scarcity timer to make your promotions tick down in real time, triggering fear of missing out in you customers (resulting in more cash in your pockets!)

Every single element of a standard shopify store (footer, call to action buttons, images) is cleaned up, with less distractions keeping your customers focused on buying.

You can add trust badges and testimonials automatically to your product pages to emphasize and draw attention to the powerful conversion booster social proof.

Trust symbols also let youease the fears your potential customers have… And did I mention this is with absolutely 0 coding?

Plus, there’s a full membership support area to help you out with any tech questions (although it’s super-intuitive to use!).

They have a full satisfaction guarantee just in case you decide this conversion-boosting theme isn’t for you.

Check out EcomTurbo here and get more conversions out of your traffic with no coding needed!

Here’s What Ecom TurBo Will Do For You 

The Email Bait
Give out enticing discounts and collect leads at the same time! Fully customizable popup that’s going to boost sales and leads for future promotions.

ECom Turbo Review
ECom Turbo Review

Built In Scarcity Timer
No more timer apps! Offering something for a limited time will always boost sales. Create scarcity and urgency without touching any code.

ECom Turbo Review
ECom Turbo Review

The Cash Boosting Upsell
MASSIVE conversion booster! Collect more profit with a cart to checkout upsell popup.

Custom Clean Footer
A clean theme generates more sales! We found cluttered and confusing footers are a distraction and you can lose sales. After adding a nice clean footer template we got more sales and better conversions!

Super Clean Call To Actions
Create beautiful completely customizable call to action buttons under your collections right on the homepage! These are MASSIVE conversion boosters. Not only that, you can customize whatever you want including the product price and title.


Sales Enhancer!
After months of testing we found that offering a coupon when someone spends more brings you in a lot more sales. It’s no secret that features like this are HUGE profit boosters!

ECom Turbo Review
ECom Turbo Review

Urgency Sales Ticker
Nothing creates urgency more than a sale ticker! Show people that things are selling on your site and it will boost conversions. The fear of missing out will always increase sales.

Need For Speed
If you know anything about conversions you know speed matters! In an ideal world a store should load within 3 seconds so we made that happen. Did you know that a visitor is likely to leave if your store takes more than 2.6 seconds to load? You don’t need to worry about that with eCom Turbo as we have build it to be super fast and maxamize conversions!

ECom Turbo Review
ECom Turbo Review

Profit Boosting Cart Buttons
Change the size and color of your buttons for ultimate testing! The checkout button can be customized, we have also added another button above the cart that can be toggles on and off. Get full control over your stores sales funnels and stop losing sales! Did you noticed there is also a nice little timer in the cart as well? Boost those sales…and many more !

ECom Turbo Review


Testimonial- Below is what the customer reviews Ecom Tubor:

ECom Turbo Review
ECom Turbo Review
ECom Turbo Review
ECom Turbo Review

ECom Turbo Review

ECom Turbo Review

Why Should You Buy It ?

When you’re selling products online, there’s one thing that’s easy to overlook.

You know how to make your product better, and who your target market is…

But one thing that’s easy to overlook is…Your website!

Sure you have a decent free or paid theme from Shopify, but is it really using the best tactics and practices to maximize your ecommerce sales? Does it capture visitors before they leave, upsell them on products once they’re in the cart, and boost your profits at every turn?

Is it optimized for page speed (making both Google search engine robots and your customers happy and coming back)?

Is it optimized for mobile traffic (which keeps growing every single day)?

I’d bet good money that at least some of those are missing in almost everyone’s ecommerce store.

With eComTurbo. it lets you completely customize nearly every single part of your ecommerce website without touching a line of code.

It lets you add all the best visitor capture, upsell and profit boosting elements you could ever dream of.

Plus, it’s super quick to load, meaning happier visitors and happier search engines!


eCom Turbo is a completely customizable Shopify theme with one thing in mind. Created to increase profits and be customizable without touching any code.

Support: A full membership area with training videos and support! Every video has a comment section if you need help. You will also get across to a Facebook group full of eCom tips!

Easy To use: You don’t have to touch any code to get the awesome custom look you want. All theme features are easy to use without changing any code,

Update: You get lifetime updates and we even have a feature list where you can suggest future features that you would like to see in the theme

One time payment: You can use this theme unlimited times with the one off payment. Licenses will be coming in a week though so get in now!

Easy To Install: Once you’re inside the members area you will get access to the training videos and this includes a video on how to install the theme. It’s super easy!

Special, Not only are you getting access to for the best price ever offered, but also You’re investing entirely without risk. ECom Turbo include a 14-day Money Back Guarantee Policy. When you choose ECom Turbo, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with it for any reason within the first 14 days, you’re entitled to a full refund – no question asked. You’ve got nothing to lose! What Are You Waiting for ? Try It today and get The Bonus Now !


eComTurbo review

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