ExtendAzon 2.0 Review – Amazon Stealing Your Affiliate Commissions?

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ExtendAzon 2.0 Review

ExtendAzon 2.0 Review – Overview

ExtendAzon 2.0 Review – What is it ?

The original ExtendAzon plugin was released back in March, 2012 and was the first Amazon affiliate shopping cart plugin on the market and After two and a half years of development, ExtendAzon is back with the new version 2.0.

ExtendAzon is a simple to use plugin that can be used on new Amazon sites or even dropped into any existing Amazon WP site. It will convert Amazon affiliate links into shopping cart links.

When someone clicks a standard Amazon affiliate link, they are tagged with an affiliate cookie that lasts for 24 hours. Unless the visitor completes a purchase in that time period, the affiliate will not get credit for the sale.

With ExtendAzon shopping cart links, you get to tap into a hidden secret in the Amazon Associates Program Agreement that allows you to extend your affiliate cookie lifespan from 24 hours to a full 90 days!

Without the 90 day cookie, many affiliates are simply leaving commissions on the table because there are a lot of reasons why someone might wait more than 24 hours before buying a product.

ExtendAzon 2.0 Review – Key Features

USE ON ANY WORDPRESS SITE – ExtendAzon was built using a unique and powerful technology that doesn’t exist in any other plugin on the market. This technology allows ExtendAzon to scan an entire website to detect Amazon affiliate links so it can convert them into shopping cart links on-the-fly. Ultimately, this means that the plugin can be used on any WordPress site and it won’t even change how you edit or build the site. Multiple scanning options even allow the detection of most javascript links and cloaked links.

TWO CART LINK TYPES – When ExtendAzon converts an Amazon link, there are two main types of links users can choose for it to create. An on-site cart link allows the visitor to click multiple Amazon links on your site to add all of those products to a shopping cart on your website. When they click to Checkout, all of those products will get added to their Amazon shopping cart. The other type of link, a direct cart link, goes straight from an Amazon link to the Amazon shopping cart. Both link types deliver a 90 day cookie lifespan.

FOUR SHOPPING CART DESIGNS – When on-site cart links are used, it puts an e-commerce style shopping cart on the website that works with Amazon affiliate links. ExtendAzon users get to pick from one of four cart designs to use. Version 1.0 offered a sidebar / widget based shopping cart that could be used anywhere a theme offered a widget location. Version 2.0 still has the widget but it now offers a full-page shopping cart and slide-out cart tabs. The full-page cart is similar to what you see on normal e-commerce websites, and this also comes with an optional cart icon widget that will give a summary and quick access to the cart page. The slide-out tab has a right and a left version, so you can choose where it will be located on your site.

AUTOMATIC CART UPSELLS – Anytime a visitor adds a product to the on-site shopping cart, ExtendAzon will automatically retrieve other products from Amazon that are commonly purchased with the selected item. Affiliate ads will then be generated for these items and shown to the visitor below the shopping cart. This uses the same system that Amazon uses to promote upsells on their website and now affiliates can have the same technology on their site too!

EASY TO CUSTOMIZE – ExtendAzon 2.0 features an extensively redesigned back-end administrator system that makes it easier for users to customize the plugin to their liking and to fit the overall design of their website. Help explanations are now built-in to make it simple for even a first-time user.

TWO LIVE COACHING CALLS – To ensure that all customers get the most out of this plugin, Ryan Stevenson will be hosting a total of two live coaching webinars for them. These will be in the first 10 days after the launch period, and recordings will be provided after they are over. In these live classes, Ryan will be teaching his personal tactics using ExtendAzon 2.0, helping new customers with questions they have about using the plugin, and even holding open Q&A sessions to make sure nobody is left sitting on a question.

FREE UPGRADES (EXTENDAZON 2.X BRANCH) – All customers of ExtendAzon will continue to receive free 2.x updates to the plugin that may include bug fixes and even new features. Ryan’s plugins are updated on a regular basis to keep them compatible with recent WordPress versions and Amazon’s Affiliate Agreement. Customer feedback is always welcome and appreciated, so sometimes modifications or additions may also be made to the plugin after release for these purposes.

ExtendAzon 2.0 Review – Why Should You Need It ?

A lot of Amazon affiliates do not take the time to read the fine print of their agreements to participate in the Associates Program.

One particular section of that agreement puts Amazon in the position where you can send them traffic that converts into a sale and yet Amazon doesn’t have to pay you a commission for it!

It is extremely important that all Amazon affiliates understand this specific rule to avoid losing their rightfully earned commissions.

Let me explain more about this startling fact…

We all have Amazon affiliate links that we use to refer sales on products.

When someone clicks on one of those links and goes to the Amazon website, they will get tagged with a “cookie” that tells Amazon which affiliate referred them.

Many affiliates do not realize that cookie only has a 24 hour lifespan – affiliates will NOT receive a commission for any referred sales that happen after the time runs out!

Sure, some sales do happen immediately, but there are a lot of people that will wait a few days before buying because they need to talk it over with their spouse, shop around more or simply wait until payday.

Amazon likely gets to pocket millions worth of these “late” sales.

You’re doing the hard work to send that traffic and you should get credit for it.

Luckily, there is a single exception that Amazon has made to this rule – the shopping cart.

If you can get a visitor to add the product to their Amazon shopping cart, that 24 hour (1 day) cookie will become a 90 day cookie!

Typically, you have to rely on chance for a visitor to put a product in their shopping cart.

However, there is now a way that you can send ALL of your Amazon affiliate traffic and get the 90 day cookie.

A new plugin drops into your existing Amazon sites and lets you tap into the 90 day cookie in mere seconds.

Use this plugin right away and start keeping your Amazon commissions:

ExtendAzon 2.0 ReviewExtendAzon 2.0 Review

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Important: Please clear your cookies to make sure you will receive credit for this purchase !

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