EZ Spokesperson Editor Review


EZ Spokesperson Editor Review – What is it ?

Many times it happens that you are looking for a professional video advertisement to sell your services but the price for same is really high. Maybe budget is not the issue for you but the resources and time to create a new video is limited and you wonder if there is any alternative which could get the work done quickly. If you are an ad agency and want to sell professional videos to your clients, creating one is not an easy task if you are short on expedients. This is where EZ Spokesperson Creator will prove to be a saviour for you. Let’s look further into what exactly is EZ Spokesperson Creator and what it can do for you.

 EZ Spokesperson Editor Review – Key Features

EZ Spokesperson Creator is a cloud based video editor. It means that you don’t have to install anything on your computer. All the work and editing happens right inside your browser. Moreover, you can even save your created videos on cloud which aids you with the access to those videos anytime, anywhere.

EZSC comes with lots of readymade templates to choose from. Basically there is a human spokesperson in the video who is talking on a variety of topics and businesses with editable information within the video.  You can select the template which suits your needs; do changes in the video like background, text that appears on the graphic, background music, and addition of intro and outro videos.

Moreover, you don’t need any professional training to be able to use this editor. It’s a simple click, drag, and edit software which even a layman can use with ease.

EZ Spokesperson Creator Demo

 Pros and Cons


  • Cloud based editor empowering you with easy access.
  • Fast and easy to use.
  • Wide variety of editing options.
  • Resalable videos which can be sold with minor changes (Applicable for ad agencies).
  • Diverse templates to choose from.


  • Making the audio completely specific to your business is a challenge.
  • Demo version has limited features (You can buy the while package at minimal price though).


EZ Spokesperson Editor Review – Why EZ Spokesperson Editor?

If you’re looking to expand your business, a video advertisement is the most appealing way to do so. A video with human interaction gives a personal touch to your business which helps in building trust with your future customers. But investing your money in expensive ad film makers might not be possible for you. This is where EZ Spokesperson Creator plays its part. With this feature rich editor, you can make video advertisements by yourself without any external aid. As pointed out earlier, if you are an ad agency, you can make videos with EZSC and resell it to your clients with editing done via few clicks.

Final Thought:

To summarize, if you are small to middle scale business owner, or an Ad Agency, and are looking to expand your business via new advertisement channels, EZ Spokesperson editor is a good choice for you. You can get your free demo by visiting their website here.

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