List Building Explained Review – Social Media, Email, Direct Mail

Everyone knows content, conversation, and conversion are the three pillars of today’s relationship marketing. The big question is always “How do I share content to get conversations so there are conversions?” I’m so glad you asked.

Social Media for Content Sharing

Every business has a home base. For offline businesses, it’s a store or office. Online businesses use a website. Home base is where you want everyone to end up. Social media sharing is one way to get them there.

When you create a blog post, video, or info graphic, it goes onto your site. Then you share that content through social media. If you specifically do a lot of video (a.k.a. vlogging or video blogging), it’s useful to have a YouTube channel for your business. Those into podcasting can take advantage of distribution through iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play.

A lot of social media sharing can be automated when using a self-hosted WordPress site. For example, Blubrry Power Press automates the sharing of podcasts. OnlyWire makes an excellent plugins that enables readers to share content on social media. And there are is a wide range of plugins for connecting your site to social media sites. Then there are services such as Hootsuite that allow you to schedule social media updates of your choosing.

The purpose of your social media sharing is to bring traffic back to your site. Once there, visitors have the opportunity to join your email list. This allows you to have a conversation about your content and their interests.

Have a look at for both free and paid tools to help you increase the number of people joining your email list.

Email for Conversation

We all like to quote the axiom “The money is in the list,” but it isn’t quite true, is it?
I worked with a business owner who had acquired a list of 100,000 email addresses. He was thrilled with the prospect of sending messages to that great list and having the money roll in. He was disappointed when I told him sending messages to that great list was likely to get him blacklisted for spam and bounces.
There is only money in a list that responds to you.

Get people to respond to you by engaging them in an email conversation. Invite readers to comment on your content, send their questions, and reply to your emails. (We created to make this process easier for you.)

Direct Mail for Conversion

It’s quite true you can get conversions through email and social media. Why would you ever bother with the trouble and expense of direct mail, right? After all, isn’t direct mail dead?

The shocking truth is that direct mail is more effective than ever precisely because people think it’s dead. There are far fewer marketers making use of direct mail, so those who do are getting better results. You’re leaving money on the table when you abandon direct mail.

Be sure to use direct mail with proven buyers. Use it for fulfillment, promoting events, and customer recognition programs. This way, you’re making the investment with existing customers who are likely to respond with a purchase.

The Three Musketeers

Social media, email, and direct mail are powerful marketing tools on their own. They create a synergy when used together that increases response rates and engagement. More importantly, they are the foundation of building relationships with your prospects and customers.

Think of them as a three-legged stool. Take one away and the stool gets wobbly.

Conrad Hall is an international bestselling author of 8 books, and a direct response copywriter. He specializes in working with local and online business owners who recognize the value of relationship marketing. Discover more about his approach to combining social media, email and direct mail at Here.


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