Prokem Suite Plugin Review

What Is Prokem Suite Plugin?

THE GREATEST Plugin for The Revolution of Internet Marketers in The World to Increasetheir Product Sales + Building a Database of Emails & Facebook Pixel

Prokem Suite Plugin is a WordPress Plugin which will make it easier for the online business because it has various functions such as:

Pop Up
Can display a pop up in any form either in the form of images, text, videos or opt-in autoresponder.

Exit Intent
Top Bar and Bottom Bar
Can menampikan Bar in any form either in the form of images, text, video, or autoresponder.

If you’ve seen the web above or below it there is a banner stretched, well like that example.

Enter The Pixel Code Facebook
enter a code for the method later Retargeting pixel. So the people who visitedyour website, then you can again use the FB Retargeting Ads.

This means you can promote the reworked website/your products to people who never visit websites that you place a pixel code FB.

Short Link
This feature is usually worn by the affiliate or CPA because players can memendekan/condense the affiliate links will be promoted. It also can display the exit pop up, intent, or top/bottom bars. Even the affiliate link you can input pixels for pendekan retargeting FB Ads.

Expired Links
serves to Link the expiry date be determined is his.
This usually works if you’re promoting affiliate product sales are limited to a specific date.

Because if your visitors click on the link, while the sales are closed, then you like to waste your visitors.

Thus if the link you specified date until the time runs out, if it is then it could be redirected to your other links.

Demo Prokem Suite Plugin


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