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rocket social review

Rocket Social Review – Should you use it to grow your Instagram account ?

rocketsocial review

If you want to become an influencer or if you want to boost your store’s sales, then you are probably searching for a way to crush it on Instagram. And you’re right! Instagram is used by over 500 million people all around the world. So being the best on that platform can undoubtedly skyrocket your business to another level!


On SoHonestReview, we decided to launch a brand new category called ” Social Media” where we will try some social media tools and services and share our honest reviews with you. Many Social Media company are scammed or inefficient, so we will help you to make the right choice and develop your business!


What is Rocket Social?

Rocket Social is an Instagram Marketing agency. In opposition to many of their competitors, Rocket Social is not a bot. Everything is done by humans. During our test, we’ve been talking to Laura and Sam.

They answer every question through email, and they are pretty nice to speak with.

Before we sign up, we did some research about them to find some case studies.

We’ve found some accounts such as @bnsr.mademoiselle , which a lingerie website.


rocketsocial review

They have 52,7 k followers, and Rocket Social has managed their account since they have 200 followers. So we can say that they did a great job.

Moreover, the engagement is still significant! Around 2k likes per picture.


Rocket Social Pricing

On the website, you can find three different plans.


 Weekly Plan :

For 20$, you’ll get a manager for one week. It’s a subscription so your plan will automatically renew every week until you cancel it.

It’s not the most economical one. If you plane to work with Rocket Social for a long time, you should consider to pick up the Standard plan at 40$.


Standard plan :

That’s a great plan, that’s the one we tried for this Rocket Social Review. 40$ per month and you’ll get a dedicated account manager. It’s not expensive, and it’s not cheap, it’s great!

Rocket Social Claim that they can get you 3500 followers per month. We only got 2800, but it’s still great.

Power plan :

We didn’t try this one. They claim up to 5000 followers per month. According to the excellent results we had with the 40$ plan, we can think that this one is great too!


Is Rocket Social Safe?

We didn’t notice any issue. They do not seem to go above the Instagram TOS and everything is done manually, so there is no risk. ( In our opinion )

We’ve also searched the web, and we never found any case of account deletion or anything like that.


What is the difference between Rocket Social and their competition?

The excellent point of Rocket Social is definitely that humans and not bots manage your account. We’ve tried some competitors who use bots, and we had some porn accounts followed or stuff like that. Not precisely in our niche!

With Rocket Social, all the followers we got were targeted and interested in our content.

Moreover, in comparison with most of their competitors, Rocket Social offers excellent support! We only speak with Sam and Laura, but they were both very friendly and helpful!

Rocket Social is a French Company; it’s not coming from top tiers country which sometimes may try to scam you.


Our Rocket Social Review

For our test, we created a brand new Instagram account with no follower. Sam advised us to wait three weeks and post at least nine posts before starting. That’s what we did.

Two weeks and nine posts later, we had 19 followers, and we began to work with Rocket Social.

We tried the 40$ plan for one month, and our account went from 19 to 2800 followers.

All the followers that we got were real and targeted. Our engagement has also increased.

Some people are asking if the followers stay even after the cancelation, the answer is Yes! Of course, they remain. They stay, and they are still active.


Should you pick up a plan?

If you want to increase your followers and your engagement on Instagram, then you should consider having a look at

Their service is nice & fair.


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