Stream Store Review – Amazon Selling Just Got A “Plug & Play” Upgrade.

Stream Store Review – What is it ?

Have you heard all the buzz about the Internet’s newest Amazon store builder?
It’s called Streamzon, and it’s changing the playing field when it comes to building Amazon affiliate
There are 6 BIG PROBLEMS that people run into with most Amazon store builders…
These problems are so big that they can make it really hard to get setup and earn money as an Amazon
Streamzon completely DESTROYS all of these problems and makes it the most powerful Amazon store builder available online.

The product stream store:  Unlimited commissions having each and every amazon product delivered on-demand to your store!

Your visitors will never be without choice.  Always have the newest product, price, daily deal, discount, or free-giveaway.
“streaming” is information constantly receuved by and presented to an end-user while being delivered by a provider( amazon). The term stream refers to content delivered in real-time.

Unlimited products – an amazon products are in your store
Your visitors always find the product they are looking for, because the store get dynamically generated content direct from Amazon so they’ll never be without choice. This allows you to service any niche your visitor is in…any time… and with any product!

Constant connection – real time updates
Whenever an event takes place on Amazon, it is instantly reflected in stream store. You’ll never need to carry out any updates. Visitors will always get the newest product, price, daily deal, discount, or free-giveaway.

Unlock commissions – from around the world!
Stream store detects the area of the world. Stream store detects the area of the world where your customer is located and transforms the landing page, product page, and branch affilate links to match the country of every visitor.

Create your network – take seconds to be running
The visitors receive dynamically generated content direct from amazon so they’ll never be without choice. This allows you to service any niche your visitor is in…any time..and with any product!

Build authority – landing page templates
Landingpages with ready to use templates, beautiful design for every niche. Create unique, authority building, attention grabbing, landing pages that attract and compel your visitors to quickly and easily search for the best offer.

Mobile Market – 22.6% of affiliate money
Don’t avoid the mobile market! Studies show that mobile devices are where 22.6% of all online sales happen and that number is increasing every day.

Video Demo 

Unlimited Products – Simple Setup – Video Demo

Country Detect – Video Demo


Include addon plugin Dynamic Posts drag and drop builder

Stream store comes with a unique plugin to creates dynamic-posts with drag and drop builder. This plugin include beatifull posts templates for any niche, ready to use.

The user can post any “product offer” he imagines and the store will change the content to match each incoming visitor. Instead of having to create similar posts again and again to match a static store, this store is dynamic. Changes the content to match the posts. You see the potential. Visitors come again and again to your “ Live” store to find new offers.

Stream Store Review – Does Stream Store Work ? 

Stream Store Review – The Funnel ( Multisite manager, Dynamic posts pro and Big Bundle )

OTO 1 Multisite manager plugin – Real time updates

This update will give the users  the posibility to use stream store in unlimited sites and also in client sites.

To be sure that nobody will pass without buying this OTO, we include a “ Multi-site manager” plugin to make this offer sweeter.

This plugin lets the user manage unlimited sites from one place. This make the idea of building a big network of sites very attractive because this complementary plugin make the work easy and fast.

OTO2 Dynamic posts pro plugin – Update version

This offer includes an upgrade version of the “ Dynamic posts” plugin. The standard version, include in the FE offer, allows you to manually create and distribute dynamic posts, which is great, but also time consuming and limited.

Now, users can gain access to the pro version, which is much more powerful and completely “hands-free”.

With the dynamic posts proplugin, all your posts, all your distribution, and all your schedule is completely automated. Include a loop option and custom url to manage all your social activity with this plugin.

OTO3 Bundle 60 templates.

Finally, the OTO3 is also a great deal here, we offer 30 high quality and uniquely designed landing page templates for each and every niche ready to install and use.

Also 30 dynamic posts templates for every niche. Every FE buyer will be tempted to buy this OTO, to have 30 ready to use stores and posts at his fingertips, making his store business grow fast and easy.


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