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Viddyoze Live – A Brand New Animation Engine You’ve Never Seen Before

You might have heard of Viddyoze. Since their first version launched a couple of years ago, they’ve revolutionised video animation. They’ve created hundreds of successful businesses. They’ve made slick, sellable video production available to everyone. But this time, they’ve really outdone themselves. Just have a look at what this new version can do:

Viddyoze Live takes things to a whole new level. Letting you create animation blended with live action footage. This goes beyond what even AfterEffects can do.

And when your video rocks out with an intro like the ones you can create here, jaws are going to drop. Your products will look incredible.

Your clients will watch your first video and come back for twenty more. And your videos will be the ones everyone’s talking about.

Viddyoze Live Review -Overview

  • Vendor: Glynn Kosky et al
  • Product: Viddyoze Live
  • Release Date: 2017-Jun-26
  • Release Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $67
  • Niche: Software
  • Official Site:
  • Bonus: Yes, Huge Bonus From my site
  • Refund: Yes, 30 days guaranteed!

Viddyoze Live Review – What is Viddyoze Live ?

Viddyoze Live Action is the newest innovation by the Viddyoze team. For the first time ever, Viddyoze Live Action brings together live recorded footage and 3D animation, 100% automated. This has never been done before! Users will be able to upload their own logos, images & text into a real moving cinematic scene, with their uploads becoming part of the action!

Viddyoze Live Review – What is benefits ?

Users will gain access to 100+ Live Action templates that are fully customizable with their own logos, images & text! The team have been working with video studios & actors, recording footage specifically for the Viddyoze platform. Nothing like this has EVER been done before.

The best part? Whilst it’s taken us almost a year to prepare and create this incredible technology, we’ve made it ridiculously EASY for our users to use… These examples were created with literally a few clicks of the mouse.

Simply select one of the beautifully crafted Live Action templates
Live Action has over 100+ professionally crafted templates to be used and customised! Ranging from all kinds of different niches. Whatever you need, we’ve got it!

Customize to your taste
Add your own logo, add text and even images. Choose colors and branding for the animation, and you’re all set. It literally takes seconds…

Hit “Render”
Viddyoze goes away and as always, BAKES your video to HD completion in just minutes!

Viddyoze Live Review – Why should you need it ?

Want to run a successful online business?
Then you’ve got 2 options.
1. Get attention.
2. Get other people attention.
This lets you do both:
See, people talk about customers and sales and leads – and sure, they’re all important. But attention is what causes a business to live or die.
No-one’s paying attention to you, you don’t get any customers and you don’t make any sales. The more attention you get, the more sales you make.
And that’s why Viddyoze Live is so powerful. Because it’s the best attention-grabbing software I’ve ever seen. It’s got 100 templates virtually guaranteed to make your video stand out like a tyrannosaur on a chicken farm. But that’s not even the most powerful part.
The most powerful part is that with the Commercial licence, you can create these videos for other businesses. All of whom are going to pay you top dollar to do it.
(People are paid $150 just for editing an AfterEffects template… and these live-action templates blow those off the map)
And the template selection comes with a huge variety of niches:
– Restaurants and coffee shops
– Gyms and swimming baths
– Technology
– Photography
– Offices (a huge market right here)
Plus a whole set of templates you can use for any business you like. The potential is huge. Just like the market. People make a lot of money at video animation, because video animation gets attention. And this is your chance to not just enter that market, but disrupt it. But only until tomorrow. Then the price goes a long way up.

100% web based. You can even create animations from your phone. No need for expensive software, there’s nothing to download or install. Totally tech friendly. If you can click your mouse, you can create animations. Huge variety of templates covering a wide range of niches. Create stunning 3D motion effects that cannot be created this fast, anywhere else.


Put simply, there’s never been an animation tool like this before. Nothing else can produce animations that use live-action footage like this. Even if you owned an expensive platform like AfterEffects, you could still only do this if you’d already recorded all your own footage (And that’s a $1000+ bill just for the models and actors…)

And had an animation degree. With Viddyoze Live, you get 100 incredible templates to use. And you can create amazing live-action animations at the click of a button.

These animations are revolutionary. They break every mould out there. And when you’re using them, just imagine the comments you’ll be getting.

In fact, don’t imagine – just read what a few other people have said on the sales page:
But this is important. Viddyoze Live is going to be a subscription, but you can get access NOW for a one time investment. The launch offer is ending in just HOURS. Midnight EST tonight, it’s shutting down. Tomorrow, the price goes up in a big way.

Will it still be worth it? Sure. You can easily make more than $100/month selling these templates.

But it’ll suck watching those payments go out when if you’d just acted a bit quicker, you’d have one-time access.

So click below right now, and get your licence while this offer is still on. You don’t have long left:

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