Vidicle Review – Create traffic generating YouTube videos in no time flat…

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If you’re anything like me you’ve probably got a hard drive full of old PLR articles and reports that are doing nothing for you and you can’t just use them as they are because you’ll get slapped for duplicate content.
Well there’s a great new piece of software that can turn them into something of real value and it doesn’t involve spinning them and turning them into gibberish!
It’s called Vidicle and it can turn any text content into a video with images and backing music and it does all the grunt work for you.
There are a couple of great demo videos here: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD NOW
As you will see from those demos, turning articles into video isn’t the only thing you can use this for.
In fact, in one of the videos Andy takes a high ticket Amazon item and creates a traffic pulling affiliate review video for it in minutes.
Here are just a few ways you could put this low cost, simple software to work for you:
– Turn old PLR articles into videos with links back to your sites or offers.
– Generate traffic generating affiliate review videos without speaking or going on camera.
– Create packs of videos to sell to other affiliate marketers.
– Turn PLR ebooks into video courses.
And the best thing is the pure speed at which this does it.
Check it out here: 


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