VidPix Review – Software Triples Revenue Through “Image Hacking”

VidPix Review – Software Triples Revenue Through “Image Hacking”
Vidpix Review - Resulting in a 300% Increase in Revenue !
Vidpix Review

Welcome to my Vidpix review ! You are here to discover about the Vidpix product, a new wordpress plugin can increase the conversion rate on your website.

To know how can Vidpix do it for you, let read the Vidpix review below and you will find all the necessary information about this plugin.

This is my honest review which you should consult before deciding to buy this product.

And now, let’s find out about this ” sexy plugin “ !

VidPix Review -Overview

  • Vendor: Mike McKay
  • Product:  Vidpix
  • Release Date: 2016-03-25
  • Release Time: 09:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $17
  • Niche: Software

Vidpix Review – What is it ?

  • Whether you are an affiliate marketer or a manufacturer, you always have a general purpose, that is : How to sell more products? How to increase the conversion rates on your website? This is a hard problem of every online marketers.
  • So, how to solve this problems ? Nowadays, there are many supportive tools for your job. You can build an attractive Website, create the CTA buttons on your posts by plugin or run email campaigns, marketing by video, etc… Now I will reveal for you a new tool which can make your job more effective. It is called: Vidpix.
  • Vidpix is a powerful plugin with many different features. It allows you to insert the Buy button on any image, video…and whenever users click on, it will  display automatically . This is a new method which is tested on our Website, and it gives an excellent effection. The conversion rate almost doubled.

Let’s see the demo video below to more understand about Vidpix.


Vidpix Review -What is Vidpix’function ?

          Here are the benefits which are brought to you by Vidpix.

  •  This plugin was built by a revolutionary technology in advertising methods, stimulating the customer’s purchase by the way to insert many Buy button on the images, normal videos…therefrom helping to increase the convertion rate dramatically. With Vidpix, you can put the Buy button anywhere without annoying your  visitors.
  •  Creating the social network sharing buttons quickly, helping to spread, share your posts or your image massively and unlimitedly if you want to create viral campaigns on your website or selling videos .
  •  Vidpix is integrated many image or the collecting image feature which allow you to create or search the images based on primary key worlds with a full editor.
  •  This plugin is a major breakthrough in marketing by images. It allows users to run any kind of image marketing, optin forms and video by putting the Buy button on them. Besides, with the attractive designs available for you to choose , you can put them on the images. Only need to drag and drop to choose.

orange-arrowTips: SEO the effective with Nimbus !
             Using application “Mints App 2.0” to build your online store!

Vidpix Review -Why should you buy it ?

The first, Vidpix is designed by an experienced internet marketer,  manufacturer really understand about marketing methods and Vidpix is a labor achievement in many months to be able to launch to everyone,bring the new values, new methods for your jobs.

Secondly, you are familiar with the old marketing form, and if you are looking for  new thing  for your job,Vidpix is the best choice. We are confident that it will help you work efficiently, the difference always bring different values!

The third, this is a plugin which is designed for everyone to use wordpress, even you are a novice or have a lot of experience,every operation is quite simple, allthing you need to do just drag and drop to build marketing templates, buttons buy .

The fourth, to help you believe when buying our product, we offer you a 30 guaranted days. If you experience and feel unhappy about Vidpix, send a notice to us and your money will be refunded immediately.Especially in the first 3 hours of the launch,you will have the opportunity to own it with the best price. So, let act quickly to own this plugin and starting a revolution switch.

Let click the button below to get it today!

Vidpix Review - Resulting in a 300% Increase in Revenue !

Vidpix Review - Resulting in a 300% Increase in Revenue !

VidPix Lets You Put Buy Buttons, Opt-in Forms, Videos & More Right On TOP of IMAGES – Resulting in a 300% Increase in Revenue!

Vidpix Bonus ( Special)

Note: Special Bonuses When You Invest In VidPix

Vidpix Review - Resulting in a 300% Increase in Revenue !
Vidpix Review
Vidpix Review - Resulting in a 300% Increase in Revenue !
Vidpix Review

Note: Special Bonuses When You Invest In VidPix Pro Upgrade

Vidpix Review - Resulting in a 300% Increase in Revenue !

Vidpix Review - Resulting in a 300% Increase in Revenue !

Vidpix Review - Resulting in a 300% Increase in Revenue !

Vidpix Review - Resulting in a 300% Increase in Revenue !

Hoping this Vidpix review offer completely the necessary information for your job

Thanks for your visiting!


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