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WP Content Machine Review – Overview

WP Content Machine Review – What is it ?

Create amazing content for your blogs, websites and affiliate sites has always been a huge problem. 

Hiring writers to write content is super expensive.

What if you could source a unlimited Fresh content from TOP Authority sites and be able to post to your site without doing anything manually?

That is exactly what WP CONTENT MACHINE DOES.

It works in the background scouring the internet for the best content for your site and then automatically posts that content with Images + Videos and all kinds of mixed content to your blog where you can easily RANK & Monetize that content on complete AUTOPILOT.

Check out this DEMO VIDEO Where We Walk You Through the Product & The See it in ACTION…

WP Content Machine Review – Key Features

Front End – Features
  •  Automatic Content Fetching from Unlimited Sites
  • Publish Fresh Content Automatically
  •  Create and Setup upto 50 Campaigns
  •  Publishes content in Videos, PDFs, Text + Images
  • Source : RSS FEEDS – upto 25 Sites
  • Source : EzineArticles, Youtube, Vimeo, Flickr
  • Source : Facebook Posts
  • AUTOMATIC Content Spinning
  • Completely Set & Forget Software
  • Automatically Add ADS + Affiliate Links to Content.
OTO 1 – PRO Version Features
  • Automatic Content Fetching from Unlimited Sites
  • Publish Fresh Content Automatically
  • Create and Setup upto UNLIMITED Campaigns
  • Publishes content in Videos, PDFs, Text + Images
  • Source : RSS FEEDS – Unlimited Sites
  • Source : EzineArticles, Youtube, Vimeo, Flickr
  • Source : Facebook Posts
  • AUTOMATIC Content Spinning
  • Completely Set & Forget Software
  • Automatically Add ADS + Affiliate Links to Content
  • Source : AMAZON, EBAY, WALMART Affiliate Products
  • Source : BESTBUY, InstaGram, Twitter




WP Content Machine Review – Price

WP Content Machine Review


WP Content Machine Review  – Estimonials

Here’s What They Say About Ankur Shukla ( Product Creator)

Ankur is one of the new wave of extreme talented young people that is dominating the internet marketing space. Both as a product producer and affiliate his creativity, work ethic, and results cannot be ignored. A truly masterful marketer, yet always accessible! His products have been some of my BEST promotions on Jvzoo.

Todd Gross – Video Marketing Expert & #1 Affiliate on JVZoo

Ankur’s products are always high quality and produce solid conversions. I’ve had several 5-figure promotions on his launchs and i high recommend them to anyone looking for a great offer to promote, He always there for his affiliates, no matter what time of day or right it is & takes great care of his customers.

Sam Bakker – Expert product creator, Marketer & Digital Nomad

Ankur is awesome to work with an every front. forward thinking and seems to just magically know how to increase conversions on the post! Was a blast working with him. He’s right up there with the best of them!

Bill Hugall – Founder, BeyondTheHype.com & Online Marketing Coach.

Of all the products i have promoted Ankurs last launch gave me the best conversion rate i ever had on the front end. Over 40% then to top it off the OTO converted just as well. Working with Ankur was a very cool and profitable experience.

Brett Rutecky – Developer, Marketer & Blogger at Brettrutecky.com

I go way back with Ankur. A couple years in fact and i can honestly say he is one of the top software guys in our industry. What’s really special about Ankur is that not only does he producce top-quality software, but he goes the extra mile to make sure everyone is happy ( affiliates, customers etc). His conversions are always amazing and I’m always the first to jump onboard.

Brad Stephens – Creator of Audiencedrill expert product creator.

Ankur brings the heat! His products are awesome, and not to mention he’s one of the nicest guys in the industry. He’s always willing to help out, and is extremely professional. If you ever get the pleasure to work with him, DO IT!

Mehdi Tihani – Ecommerce Expert & Product Creator

Ankur is top of his game.. a true leader in this industry. Working him on several occasions has taught me a great deal. professional, Influential, Knowledgeable but most of all… a really great guy.. Always a pleasure my friend.

Mark Bishop – Expert Niche Marketer & Product Creator.

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