WP Conversion Boot Review – Massively Boost Conversions / Sales with this tool

WP Conversion Boot Review – Massively Boost Conversions / Sales with this tool

WP Conversion Boot Review – Introducing

Hi Folks…

The #1 thing every website owner wants is… more sales & higher conversions. Getting this right is the holy grail of all marketing…

What’s little known is that billion dollar businesses Like Dell, Disney, Kodak & Ebay have solved this problem already with a simple yet highly effective strategy.

It’s “up to 375% more effective in boosting conversions, driving sales & getting more optins” says top marketing agency EasyPURL.

And It’s simple… All you need to do is create personalised landing pages for your visitors & subscribers ….

A new plugin released today allows you to replicate this exact strategy by allowing you to create unlimited dynamic personalized pages without building or editing a single extra page

Fact is… more visitors respond more to headings like…

“Hey Chris … As Valued Customer of Product X We Have A Special Offer For You”

Rather Than…

“Hey, We Have A Special Offer for You”

There are 2 Problems with making personalized pages though:

1 The only real way of doing this in WordPress is duplicating & editing pages one page at a time – so it’s impractical time wise for most of us.

2 Duplicating pages is also a sure fire way to get a duplicate content penalty… which kills all your SEO efforts & sends your site rankings through the floor.

So, till now the only real way to use personalization was to throw money at programmers or pay expensive agencies.

Well, now you can do this for peanuts with WP Conversion Boost:

WP Conversion Boot Review – What is it?

It’s a WP Plugin that allows you to create unlimited personalised landing pages for your Social, Ad & Email Campaigns with ZERO EFFORT & ZERO PAGE BUILDING. It uses dynamic pages which means you can personalize any existing landing page or optin by adding simple shortcodes to your headings / body copy.

What’s the key benefit?

It’s the #1 marketing strategy for increasing sales, conversions & optins used by top agencies like EasyPURL & corporations like Ebay, Dell, HP & Disney & now for the 1st time it’s available to WP users at a fraction of the price.

Why not just duplicate pages & edit?

Few reasons – 1. You run a high risk of a duplicate content penalty

2. Duplicating & editing pages is slow – you will soon get tired of it when you have to create 30+ page variants for your Google Adword campaigns or make a 1000 page variants for your subscribers… It’s not practical time wise + it bloats your sites needlessly.

WP Conversion Boot Review – How It Works…

1. You insert a simple shortcode into the heading of any existing sales page / squeeze page or optin.
2. You edit the page URL to generate a “Dynamic Link”.

Anyone who clicks this new link will see your personalized landing page…

You can create as many of these pages as you like without building a single new page or getting slapped for duplicate content as these pages are dynamic. (they don’t physically exist– they are only created by your server when that link is clicked)

WP Conversion Boot Review – Why Should You NEED it ?

Here’s what wp conversion Boot give you:

Increase Ad Revenue – by creating keyword relevant landing pages for Google Adword or

Facebook ad campaigns – visitors engage more with pages where they see keywords they have searched for.

Increase Landing Page Engagement – by personalizing landing pages you grab the visitors attention – it’s a pattern breaker – makes them wonder how you did it… more engagement = more money.

WP Conversion Boot Review and check

Increase Subscriber Spend – sending subscribers to personalized landing pages makes them feel special & makes you look attentive – every Autoresponder has a tagging function which allows this to work

Faster List Building – by dynamically personalizing your WP optins you get more subscribers.

Why is this so useful?

Personalized landing pages are proven to convert way better than standard pages…

– You can massively increase engagement by creating personalized landing pages for traffic arriving from a specific site.
– You can increase ad revenue by creating keyword relevant landing pages for your Google Adword campaigns.
– You can boost sales & conversions from your lists by creating personalized pages with your subscriber’s name & product they bought.
– You can build lists faster by customizing your WordPress optins.

The possibilities are endless…

WP Conversion Boost is on earlybird pricing right now…

For a limited time you’ll get unlimited site license & lifetime upgrades … It’s well work grabbing… every marketer on the planet should be using a tool like this in their day to day marketing…

WP Conversion Boot Review and get

WP Conversion Boot Review – Price

WP Conversion Boot Review and price

WP Conversion Boot Review – Conclusion

All what i give you about WP Conversion Boot is enough reason for you to want to own it. I used this tool and really like it so much. I hope my WP Conversion Boot Review can satisfy you some parts. Honestly, i am an affiliate marketer, who makes a living on the internet but I want to provide you a quality products, a value, a solution for your work rather than focus on earning commission from you.

… and if WP Conversion Boot doesn’t instantly become one the coolest, money-saving, time-saving design tools in your marketing tool box… simply send the support desk a single email and we’ll refund you 100%. No questions asked.

I hope you agree, that’s as risk-free a deal as you’ll ever see…

“30-Day No Quibble Money Back Guarantee”

If for any reason you’re not happy with this product, you are covered by our full money back guarantee.- simply tell us within 30 days of your purchase. No quibbles, no buts, no bad feeling. Just contact support, tell us what we can improve & a refund will be on its way.

As usual, I have some gifts when you purchase this product through links on my website. To claim this bonus, after completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at: jvzoowsohonestreview@gmail.com.

Important: Please clear your cookies to make sure you will receive credit for this purchase !

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