WP GeoTargeted Ads Review

WP GeoTargeted Ads Review – Overview

WP GeoTargeted Ads Review – What is it ?

WP GeoTargeted Ads is an easy to use WordPress plugin that allows you to automatically display geo-targeted banners and text ads on your blogs. You can use it for CPA offers and affiliate banners. This wordpress plugin is based on the free GeoLite2 IP geolocation database.

Let’s say you have a CPA offer or affiliate offer which is for US visitors only. When a non-US visitor clicks on the Ad, the ad network will send the visitor to an irrelevant offer. You are losing money without even knowing it.

You can randomly rotate banners, insert banner shortcodes, insert geo-information short codes, auto currency conversion and many more. The plugin can also automatically geo-target Amazon Ads.

WP GeoTargeted Ads Review – Key Features


  • Automatically display Geo-target banner ads based on a single or multiple countries.
  • Will display different ads for other countries.
  • Option to specify “All Countries” to disable geo-targeting.
  • Display ads on top of post content.
  • Display ads at a specified paragraph of the post content.
  • Display ads at the middle of the post content.
  • Display ads at the bottom of the post content.
  • Can specify alignment of ads (float left, center and float right) for each of the above.
  • Option to randomly display banner ads.
  • Can use shortcodes to manually place banner ads, anywhere in the post content.
  • Can display multiple banner ads in the specified location.
  • Easily change the size of the banners to fit into a given location.
  • Display banner packs at the bottom of the post (Below Content Pack).
  • Option to add title or short description for the banner ads.
  • Three sidebar widgets for displaying banner ads on different sections of the sidebar.
  • Three footer widgets for displaying banner ads on different sections of the footers.
  • Display animated modal popup.
  • Display ad or notification on the topbar.
  • Display slide-up banner or ads box from the bottom right.
  • Display full screen or interstitial ads.
  • Can specify when and type of pages to display the popup, slide-up and interstital ads.
  • Track views and clicks of the banners.
  • Can display videos, text-Ads links by entering or copy/paste HTML codes.
  • Can geo-target Amazon banner ads.
  • Shortcodes to display geo-location information such as Country, IP address, City, State, Post Code,
  • Currency, Currency Conversion…

WP GeoTargeted Ads Review – How It Work ?

In the diagram, notice the difference in the displayed banners, which is dependent on the geographical location of the visitor. When the traffic is from United States or UK, the banners will be display as shown by the green arrow. Otherwise, a different set of banners will be displayed, as shown by the red arrow.

Non Geo-Targeted Ads?

Yes, you can! Just indicate “All Countries” for the ads.

Other Types Of Geo-Targeted Call To Action

Banners, buttoms and images with destination links, can easily be entered without any coding.

For the adventurous few who wants more, there is the option to paste embedded videos codes, and displaying text ads and other ads by entering simple HTML codes.

Ad Location on Content

Easily specify where you want the ads to appear.

You can have different banners in the same section.

Below Content PakEasily create geo-targeted banner pack at the bottom of the content. The title on top of the pack can be changed.

You can also add banner titles or short description for each of the images.

There is no restriction on the number of rows for the images. Can easily change the displayed width and height of the images.

Sidebar & Footer WidgetsThere are 3 sidebar widgets that allows you to place banners in 3 different locations on the sidebar.

Works with any WordPress theme that support widgets.

Geo-Targeted Animated AdsBanner ads can slide in from the bottom right, popup, display on the full page and topbar Ad message can be displayed.

WP GeoTargeted Ads Review – Why Should You Need It ?

Without Geo-Targeted Ads, You Are Hurting Your Blogs’ Income!

Here’s why…

Wasted Banner Clicks : Offer or sales page is not valid for the Visitors’ country.

Wrong Country Page: Visitors are send to the wrong country’s website or sales pages. For example, a UK visitor is sent to a US Amazon site.

Lower Conversion Rate: Without geo-targeting, your Ads will not be targeted resulting in low conversion. You may get high click through rate but poor conversion.
Start right now to plug the leak! Stop losing money and start taking control of your organic traffic, geo-target them and start making money.

And benefits…

If you include banners on your website(s) to promote affiliate offers or sell your own products, then this is the plugin for you.

  • Monetize your website traffic more effectively with this WordPress plugin.
  • Easily add Call To Action with this plugin.
  • Show effective Ads to your visitors based on geo-location.
  • No more sending visitors to invalid CPA and affiliate offers.
  • Maximize your website real-estate.
  • Show different set of Ads based on the geo-location (country) of the visitors.
  • Make more money with this plugin by displaying relevant, geo-targeted and effective ads at prominent locations.
  • Track the performance of your banners and ads.
  • Easily and dynamically change the banners, destination links, locations and display type.
    Automatically rotate banner ads.

Easily and dynamically change the banners, destination links, locations and display type. Once set, the banners will be automatically display based on your geo-location rules. You can also set certain banners to be visible for all countries.
Rotate and randomly display your banner ads and at the same time display ads based on the visitors’ geo-location.

Easy to use with the step after:
+ You will enter some basic information – title and location.
+ Select valid countries and upload your banner image OR Copy/Paste affiliate codes.
+ Enter your affiliate link.
+ Repeat for traffic not from the above countries.

WP GeoTargeted Ads Review – Price


As usual, I have some gifts when you purchase this product. To claim this bonus, after completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at: jvzoowsohonestreview@gmail.com.

Important: Please clear your cookies to make sure you will receive credit for this purchase !

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