WP Master Control 2.0 Review

WP Master Control 2.0 Review

Hi Folks…

How would you like to save yourself 100’s of hours running routine Worpress Tasks…

I’m talking about site set-up, backup, security, WP/ plugin updates…. the stuff that we all do to every site periodically & the tasks that keep us protected from hackers

Here’s how you can do all the tasks on any WP site on any Host (even multiple WP Sites on different hosts) with just 60 SECONDS work
Yes… this PC software will do all the routine & critical tasks for you HANDS FREE

– It installs & configures default WP security for you
– It installs & configures automated backups to Dropbox / Amazon S3
– It installs & configures a default firewall
– It updates WordPress
– It updates ALL your plugins
– It removes default WP content & settings
– It installs your preferred & plugins/themes

All the tasks that typically take an hour+ per site (if you know what you are doing)…these will be done for you automatically – that’s a huge time saving + peace of mind too…

…leaving you free to make profit rather than being bogged down with site security/maintenance.

It’s a must have tool… which is on offer right now for you… don’t miss it!

WP Master Control 2.0 Review – Overview



Shubham Rahul

Shubham Rahul

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Shubham Rahul

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