Video Keyword Spy – Could this be the #1 SEO Software of 2017?

Video Keyword Spy – Could this be the #1 SEO Software of 2017?

You’re probably aware that ranking your videos in Google is one of the best ways to drive traffic and gain exposure for your sites in 2017.

Google OWNS Youtube and they therefore like to include videos within their search results. However, getting your videos to land on page 1 is very hit and miss.

The #1 reason WHY people fail to rank their videos is because they are targeting the WRONG keywords. It is that simple! Finally, there is a Solution to this Issue

A new desktop software tool has JUST been released to the public called Video Keyword Spy.
It basically TELLS you whether you will be able to rank a video on Google’s first page (or not) for YOUR chosen keyword.

This software has been getting rave reviews from beta testers, and right now you can grab an early-bird discount (but only for a couple of hours!)…

How Does It Work?

Well, the software runs a series of calculations based on the “currently” top ranked results in both Google and Youtube.
It sounds quite complex but the great part about this is, YOU do not have to worry about that. All you need to do is enter your keywords and let the software do its thing.

It’ll give you a clear and precise answer and boy… is it accurate!

If it tells you a keyword is HARD then avoid it like the plague. However, if it tells you that a keyword is easy then it will be easy to rank your video for.

Only a small number of people are using the software right now as it is brand new but in closed circles there is a lot of buzz building around this.

Honestly, if you want to get WAY more page 1 Google rankings then you need to be using this software.

Rank Your Videos on Google’s First Page by Targeting the RIGHT Keywords 100% of the Time

Innovative New Software TELLS You Whether You Can Rank a Video on Page 1 of Google for ANY Given Keyword

 Resulting in Endless Page 1 Rankings that You Can PROFIT from

What is Video Keyword Spy?

It is a unique desktop software that allows users to accurately identify how easy (or hard) ANY particular keyword is to rank on the FIRST page of Google. (Purely for ranking videos!)

The software can analyze any type of keyword (broad, long-tail, local etc) and can provide results based on any Google Region.

The software calculates and crunches data from both Youtube and Google in order to provide the user with a clear and precise conclusion on their chosen keyword.

It is great for ‘niche research’ and uncovering ‘easy’ niches to target.

Video Keyword Spy is 100% SAFE to use as it does not use ‘Live Events’, and will therefore NOT jeopardize any Youtube channels or accounts.

See the Software Demo Video Below

 Key Features: 

Identify Easy Keywords
Instantly identify keywords that you are certain to rank for on Google’s 1st page of results.

Avoid Hard Keywords
Targeting near impossible keywords will waste your time, effort and money. Our software solves that issue.

Accurate Conclusion
Our software will calculate and crunch data from both Google and Youtube providing you with a clear and precise answer for ANY keyword.

Transform Your Video Marketing Results and RANKINGS With a Few Simple Clicks

Step 01
Quickly uncover longtail keywords that are being searched for in Google. You can of course SKIP this step and enter your OWN list of keywords instead.

Step 02
Our software will process each keyword and calculate everything for you on autopilot.

Step 03
One final click and our software will tell you the likelihood of being able to rank a video on Google’s first page for your keywords without you having to use lots of tools or tedious processes. It will give you an accurate ANSWER, with ZERO work required from yourself!

Step 04
You are able to SAVE the resulting data and conclusion to a data file with a single click and then quickly recall all of your stored results in a nicely formatted table. You can also CLEAR your stored results at any time.

Here Are Some Examples of How Effective This Software Is

It is the only software available that will accurately predict whether you can rank a video for a specified keyword on the first page of Google or not – With ZERO risk to your Youtube accounts and channels.

NO live events or probing is required! (If you know what that means). All video marketers should be using this software moving forward.

Here’s some of the comments from existing users:


Video is by far the best media for marketing yours, or your clients products and services. When you rank videos on the first page of Google TRAFFIC comes in abundance.

However, many people spend hours creating videos only to see them sink in Google. They appear nowhere and their hard work and effort is wasted.

With Video Keyword Spy you will be able to know which keywords you can rank for, and which ones you can’t … BEFORE creating your videos.

This will save you a heap of time and effort.

This software is already proven. You can see what people have been saying about it on the above page…

It’s one of those software tools that you will find yourself using all the time. Every time you tackle a new niche, search for good keywords, or create a video.

Price: Start from $22.95. Risk Free 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, one year support and update.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. This means we might receive a commission if you make a purchase. Our opinions are our own and we only recommend product that we believe will genuinely help you.


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